Our Credentials

PCT is committed to providing best in class services and innovation across all its processes and helping deliver prepaid card programmes that drive acquisition, activation, usage, retention and loyalty. This together with world class support and infrastructure helps to establish the basis of long and successful partnerships.

  • Proven 7 year track record,with particular expertise in the travel, finance, airline, corporate and government markets.

  • Part of the Lenlyn Group of companies, offering strong global capabilities.

  • Over 20 clients processing £300m per year globally.

  • Product regulatedby the FCA and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

  • Strong strategic partner relationships.

  • Security and integrity of systems and processes.

  • Focus on maximising yield management.

  • Recognised industry leaderthrough the receipt of several awards or excellence.

Our existing card schemes: See for yourself

  • easyJet card

    Currency Card

  • FairFX card

    Corporate Card

  • Angry Birds card

    Angry Birds Gift Card, Prepaid Card, Virtual Card & Mobile App

  • Brittany Ferries card

    Brittany Ferries
    Travel Card

  • Cheque Point General Spend card

    Cheque Point General Spend

  • First Premier PCTs B2C card

    First Premier – PCTs B2C General Spend and Travel Card

  • Ghana Bank card

    Ghana Bank Debit Card

  • Money Pass Dutch Remittance Card

    Money Pass
    Dutch Remittance Card

  • Pitney Bowes Corporate Card

    Pitney Bowes Corporate Card

  • Quintessentially Membership Card

    Quintessentially Membership Card

  • RFU Travel Card

    RFU Travel Card

  • Travel Welfare Refreshment Voucher card


  • FairFX Travel Card

    FairFX Travel Card

  • Ramsdens Travel Card

    Ramsdens Travel Card

  • Gatehouse Bank Debit Card

    Gatehouse Bank Debit Card

  • MeCard Teen Spend

    MeCard Teen Spend

  • Think Money Travel Card

    Think Money Travel Card

  • Change Account Card for the underbanked

    Change Account Card for the underbanked

  • Vida FX Travel Card

    Vida FX Travel Card

  • Global Knowhow Danish Prepaid Card

    Global Knowhow Danish Prepaid Card

PCT currently manages over 20 major programmes ranging from large corporates for example, easyJet, Angry Birds and Brittany Ferries, to specialist prepaid currency providers FairFX, through to the provision of Debit Cards for small banks, such as Ghana Bank. As part of the Corporate Expense programme, we also have over 200 business customers covering a range of different sectors in the UK and throughout Europe.


Business Opportunities: Take a seat & succeed

The market drivers for prepaid cards are expansive and cover a diverse group of businesses, including travel money, finance, government benefits, general spend, corporate expenses and payroll as well as the replacement of gift vouchers, cheques and cash. PCT offers full banking debit card services, for FCA regulated banking institutions, and can deliver B2B solutions for companies, which in turn can ultimately support either B2B or B2B2C solutions for their customers/consumers.

This is where PCT can help to remove the complexity and make it transparent for customers by offering expert advice and practical solutions within the following areas:

  • Customer
    • Drive traffic via online and over the counter transactions.
    • Generate continuing relationships with customers, providing further opportunities
      to market products and services
      to members, i.e. cross
      selling opportunities.
    • Drive repeat and ongoing business via reporting and client relationship management to maximise yield potentia.
    • Provide capabilities to enable BACS and direct debits from individual card accounts.
    • Offer a Banking Lite product which features direct debits and ring fenced wallets.
  • Ease of

    • All card administration and scheme requirements handled by PCT i.e. MasterCard/Visa.
    • Project management of set up and ongoing support.
    • T package offered for mobile app and website.
    • Reconciliation and fraud management.
    • Customer call centre with 24 hour help desk capabilities.
    • KYC – electronic ‘Know Your Customer’ checks, plus manual checks if required.
    • ‘Know Your Business’ checks for appropriate corporate propositions.
  • Increased

    • Everyday brand exposure from card in wallet.
    • Virtual payments for online purchases.
    • Loyalty and cashback propositions.
    • On-going communication enabled through additional customer touch points.
  • Additional
    Revenue Streams
    & Cost Reduction

    • Card sales and on-going usage.
    • Various revenue models e.g. fee per transaction / charge for card.
    • Replacement of cash and cheques to improve cost base.
    • Foreign exchange revenue.
    • Mobile and virtual payments.

World of

Our world of Programme Management:

PCT is committed to providing best in class services and innovation across all its processes and helping deliver prepaid card programmes that drive acquisition, activation, usage, retention and loyalty. This together with world class support and infrastructure helps to establish the basis of long and successful partnerships.

Pre Launch Programme Management

  • Project scoping, definition & approval
  • Product setup and testing
  • Card design and production
  • Website and mobile app design, build and implementation
  • Call centre set up
  • Funds flow set up
  • Management information definition

Post Launch Account Management

  • Product implementation and rollout
  • Management information reporting through our dedicated portal:
    Payment Vision
    Fraud monitoring
  • Marketing consultancy
  • Supply chain management


PCT Solutions We will guide you through

  • Virtual Cards
  • Open Loop & Closed Loop functionality
  • Loyalty cards/incentive schemes
  • Cashback
  • Gift Cards
  • Prepaid Cards
  • Debit Card
  • Underbanked
  • Government Backed Initiative
  • B2B Portal Development
  • Staff Training
  • Travel Market
  • FX Market
  • Project Management
  • Welfare Distribution
  • Corporate Loading

Case Studies. Our solutions at work


Production & launch of easyJets’
first prepaid currency card, for
40 million UK customers.

PCT delivered easyJet’s first prepaid currency card in May 2013 The Euro Currency Card.

PCT Solutions

  • Travel Market
  • FX Market
  • Project management
  • Loyalty integration
  • Web development
  • Card design & production
  • Marketing consultancy

Initially the card was offered to all easyJet customers through their extensive database, as a convenient, cost-effective, and secure alternative to cash, credit and debit cards and Travellers Cheques. This was quickly followed by external promotion of the card via comparison sites, to all holidaymakers looking for a great value card.


  • To launch a highly competitive FX travel money card to
    easyJet’s 40 million existing UK customers, and help drive
    incremental ancillary revenue (phase 1).
  • Loyalty integration drive (phase 2).
  • To complement the existing easyJet brand proposition in
    terms of its value and simplicity.
  • To be promoted as a convenient, cost-effective, secure
    and simple alternative to cash, credit and debit cards and
    Travellers Cheques for payments in Europe.


  • PCT delivered The Euro Currency Card – in May 2013.
  • Issued by Raphaels Bank,under the Visa scheme, the Euro
    Currency Card is a secure electronic chip and PIN enabled
    prepaid card, available for use in over 26 million outlets
    and 1 million ATMs worldwide.
  • The whole process, from concept to delivery, was
    completed in under 3 months, including the creation of a
    dedicated website.
  • The new travel card launch offers easyJet customers a
    ‘value for money’ Euro Currency Prepaid Card alongside
    the flights and services available on easyJet.com.

Card Features

  • Free to purchase when loading over £100.
  • No transaction fees and no ATM fees for withdrawing cash.
  • Travellers also have 24 hour access to cash via ATMs
    which display the Visa brand mark.
  • Highly competitive exchange rates.

We have been impressed with PCTs can do attitude and professionalism throughout the process. We believe the Euro Currency Card is one of the strongest prepaid currency cards on the market today and we are proud to offer this exclusively to
easyJet customers”

Martin Smith, easyJet

Key Business Benefits

  • Added value to the existing products through a
    complementary cross sell product.
  • Competitive advantage gained over rival airlines who
    don’t have a comparative product, or those with a card
    but less favourable rates.
  • Ancillary revenue achieved from sales and FX model.
  • Positive PR achieved, resulting from a highly competitive
    product proposition for passengers (articles featured
    in The Sunday Times, Love Money, Money.aol, Head for
    Points, Cards International, YourGX, and Incentive Travel).

Key Customer Benefits

  • Cheaper alternative to traditional methods and competitors.
  • Safer and more convenient than carrying cash or taking
    Travellers Cheques.

Development Plans

  • A Sterling Card, rolled out across Europe within the year.
  • Integration of the Prepaid and Loyalty cards as a phase
    2 product using the Visa platform as the base product, to
    ensure the card becomes an annual membership card,
    ideal for families and lower frequency passengers.

We wanted a prepaid currency card that would deliver unbeatable value, help customers with budgeting, be easy to use and secure. PCT was selected on the basis of their proven experience in the prepaid card field, strong supplier relationships
and commitment to deliver the product within the very tight timeframe we required.

The team has worked tirelessly throughout the project to not only scope out and design the card, but create the literature, marketing material and website, in addition to supporting the launch and managing the card on an on-going basis”

Martin Smith, easyJet


Load and …. spend

Mobile App for card purchase and management.
Including two distinct products:
– Branded loadable gift card (£25-£250)
– Reloadable Prepaid Card with loyalty features
PCT were selected to manage the Angry Birds cards programme through our prefered supplier status with MasterCard. The bespoke solution developed for them was scoped out and refined during several workshops to find the perfect solution for Rovio, Brandution and their customers.

PCT Solutions

  • Mobile App development
  • Gift Card
  • Prepaid Card
  • Loyalty
    (In conjunction with Cashback Scheme)

For their app savvy target market, the development of an app for card purchase and management was imperative. As was the creation of two distinct products: a Gift Card as a perfect present for family and friends, and a reloadable Prepaid Card, replete with
loyalty features.


PCT have managed all aspects of programme
management including:

  • Card design and production.
  • End-to-end supply chain management.
  • Website and App development and copywriting.
  • Application processing, including fraud monitoring.
  • A 24/7 UK customer helpdesk and lost and stolen helpline.


  • Can be loaded with any value between £25 and £250.
  • Customers have the choice of the Red Bird or King Pig design.
  • Available to buy now at www.brandution.com/angrybirds.


  • Angry Birds’ movement into the gift card and prepaid
    card payment space geared towards engaging the
    1.7 billion consumers who have downloaded the app.
  • Fans of Angry Birds of all ages will enjoy additional
    benefits, in the form of a loyalty programme and an app
    for managing the card account while on the move.
  • Angry Birds prepaid reloadable cards to be launched,
    as a second phase.

People are already used to carrying Angry Birds with them wherever they go. This new partnership with PCT, Rovio and Master Card will bring the popular brand to their wallets.

Marcus Gronros, CEO of Brandution


Access to the same benefits online as the
high street counterparts.

Enabling online transactions
for Park’s existing cards, giving
cardholders access to discounts
for hundreds of supermarkets
and mainstream retailers.

PCT Solutions

  • Virtual Card
  • Open loop and closed loop functionality
  • Loyalty cards
    for membership and employee incentives

Park Group have numerous existing card schemes aimed at businesses, consisting of loyalty cards for membership databases (as a value-added benefit) and cards marketed as employee benefits cards. The existing Everyday Benefits cards offer cardholders discounts at hundreds of supermarkets and mainstream, high street retailers. A disadvantage of these cards, however, was that customers were unable to use them for online shopping. Park Group therefore came to PCT to manage a solution to enable
online transactions.


  • A closed loop ‘Select Retailer Virtual MasterCard’ was
    produced, offering customers access to a selection of
    retailers, at a lower cost than the open loop card.
  • TAn alternative open loop ‘Spend Anywhere Virtual
    MasterCard’ was produced to enable greater online
    shopping flexibility.
  • Cardholders to transfer value from their Everyday Benefits
    Love2shop card to a Flexecash Virtual
    Prepaid MasterCard.
  • A minimum top up value of £20 up to a maximum spend value of £200.
  • Once the funds have been transferred, the Virtual MasterCard details are provided on screen, then input at checkout to pay for the goods.
  • The Virtual Card details can be used for up to 3 months.


  • Companies offering the original card as a membership
    and loyalty tool will benefit from the added value of the
    online functionality.
  • Staff and cardholders benefit from the convenience of
    online shopping.
  • Cardholders are able to use the Virtual
    MasterCard immediately.


Efficient Prepaid welfare
card for disrupted
travel customers.

A slicker and more secure way of managing the
airline compensation process. Faster access to
food and drink for inconvenienced travellers.

PCT Solutions

  • Travel Market
  • Welfare distribution
  • Corporate loading

The days of paper vouchers for light refreshments when flights have been delayed, cancelled or over-booked are numbered, as PCT and Travel Welfare launch the UK’s first prepaid card for airlines, enabling travel companies to issue welfare to disrupted customers. Airlines are obliged by EU legislation to provide compensation in the form of light refreshments for passengers delayed more than 2 hours. Up to now, this process has been inefficient and expensive, and airlines have been keen to find a slicker and more secure way of managing it.


  • To improve the Light Refreshment Voucher process Improve on security, financial control and reconciliation of issued welfare.
  • Provide detailed financial management information for delays and improve cost models.


  • Move the current method of compensation distribution from vouchers to Prepaid Cards, offering complete control for Airline staff over amounts distributed.
  • Validity period set by the Airline via a simple passwordprotected web portal provided at the desktop.
  • Ability to pre-load a set number of cards per aircraft (per person or per family) with funds.

Customer Journey

  • As soon as a delay (that is above the regulatory threshold) is announced, passengers are advised to go to the airline desk to receive their card.
  • Customers swipe the card in the card reader at the retailer when purchasing their food and the relevant amount is deducted.
  • Once the flight is called, the cards become inactive and any remaining funds are returned to the airline.

Card Features

  • A VISA prepaid card with funds up to £20 or €25 (to beloaded by the airline).
  • Restricted open loop enabled for selected Airport retailers.


  • Automation of existing cumbersome processes.
  • Reduced work required by the ground handling agents.
  • Provides detailed management information, transparency on spend and improvements in procurement processes.
  • Disbursement savings from the handling agents.
  • Potential savings on unauthorised or fraudulent use of LRVs.
  • Automatic card cancellation ensures non-redeemed LRVs stay with the airline and are not used after the event.
  • Opportunity for card sponsorship by non-competing brand.
  • Call to action on cards or leaflet can allow for offline marketing opportunities.
  • Better utilisation of resources due to improved invoice reconciliation.


  • The product is currently in pilot phase with a high profile airline, with roll out to other airlines expected imminently.
  • A slicker and more secure way of managing the airline compensation process.
  • Faster access to food and drink for inconvenienced travellers.

The Travel Welfare card slashes the time and money spent previously managing Light Refreshment Vouchers, cuts opportunities for fraud and abuse of funds by providing a clear audit trail, reduces petty cash fraud and ensures EU legislation compliance.
Airlines will also have the opportunity to drive marketing messages and build customer touchpoints through the cards.

Flight delays are a fact of life and airlines understand the impact these can have on brand loyalty. By providing customers with instant access to funds to make their wait more comfortable they are demonstrating their commitment to improving the customer experience at a time when it is perhaps most valued.

Prepaid Card Product Applications

Get in

For the unbanked and underbanked

  • Enables the easy payment of central and local Government Benefits, Temporary Assistance and Emergency Payments.
  • Socially inclusive – purchases enabled without credit checks or access to a bank account.
  • Access to a Chip & PIN payment card with worldwide recognition.
  • Movement away from outdated cheques and the dangers of carrying large sums of cash.
  • Ability to access internet shopping.
  • Enables the receipt of wages, as well as the loading of loans or cheques directly onto the card when no other bank account is available.

For teens

  • A great way for parents to introduce payment cards to teens.
  • Possible to purchase ‘linked’ secondary cards , enabling parents to load specific amounts.
  • Parents have access to the secondary account online to check their teens’ spending.
  • Parents can rest easy knowing that their children aren’t able to rack up huge bills.
  • Restricted web activity for under 18s.

For travellers

  • Cards can be purchased in Sterling, Euros and US Dollars, and can be loaded and reloaded trip after trip.
  • Offers peace of mind to travellers, and encourages a departure from inconvenient travellers cheques or carrying lots of cash.
  • Fixed exchange rates mean customers can ‘lock in’ rates.
  • Can be used wherever the MasterCard or Visa Acceptance Mark are shown.

For money transfer remittance

  • An easy way to send money to family members and friends.
  • Purchase of a secondary ‘linked’ card and account.
  • Funds are loaded onto the first card and moved to the second for use by a friend or relative at home or abroad.
  • Funds can be used to make purchases or to withdraw cash from ATMs in local currency.

For better money management

  • The prepaid card encourages sensible spending, with no overdraft facility.
  • 24/7 online account access to check balance and transaction history.
  • Cardholder purchases made online or at POS are made without revealing sensitive banking or credit or debit card information.
  • Mitigates risk, as limited funds are available if the card is lost or stolen.

As a reward mechanism

  • Cards can be integrated into an existing loyalty scheme.
  • Customers can use the card to earn rewards based on specific activity.
  • Cards can be offered in a closed loop or open loop environment.
  • Allows the payment of expenses and incentive payments via an online platform.

Our People

Our people are hand-picked and all have extensive experience and invaluable tactical knowledge in each their own field. This enables us to deliver bespoke advice to an extensive range of clients from businesses of all sizes, across many different industries. Our in house skills include IT Support Services, Web development, Customer Services, Fraud & Dispute, Project Management, Sales & Pre-Sales, Marketing & PR, Client Management, Finance & Reconciliation. Meet our Team!

Our People

Ian Clowes – CEO

Ian Clowes

Co-founder of PCT, with over 20 years’ experience in the payments industry, former Director of Abbey National Bank (now Santander), and Unisys. Ian sat on a number of payment card industry boards such as BACS and APACS (now UK Payments Council). Ian is also a non-executive Director of Change Account Ltd (Charity banking) and Travel Welfare Ltd (Airline payments company) and Advisory board member of the Emerging Payments Association. Ian holds an MBA from the University of Warwick.

Frank Lambe – Executive Chairman

Frank Lambe

With more than 25 years’ experience in the payments markets. Previously senior executive with Alliance & Leicester plc, responsible for establishing the Bank’s prepaid card programme in 2004 which he ran until 2007 before leaving to establish PCT.

Gary Thorneycroft – Finance Director

Finance Director (FCA) with over 30 years of experience in the accounting profession. Brings extensive knowledge and experience of the financial services sector having previously been a financial director to a leading group of FSA regulated companies.


Mike Aldren – Director of Business solutions & delivery

Former Client Director at Unisys supporting key banking client solutions. Over 30 years in the outsourcing industry, including senior roles at Fiserv and EDS, in the UK, Europe and Africa. Within PCT, Mike’s experience with the people combined with his deep understanding of the financial industry, guarantees that we constantly deliver high quality solutions and services on time and within budget.


Stuart Bean – CTO

Stuart has over 20 years’ experience of designing and building large scale IT systems within the UK and International financial sectors. He has been the creative driving force behind numerous high profile projects including the £240M redesign of a major UK High Street Bank’s branch systems infrastructure and implementing a best-of-breed Treasury Management system for them. He has worked to globalise a US online banking system, implementing a complete front-to-back secured lending banking platform, and creating a data warehouse to support a £900M securitisation and numerous regulatory change programmes.


Ken O’Shaughnessy – Head of Regulatory Compliance

Ken has a deep understanding of both financial services and operations management. With over 12 years’ experience in the prepaid industry, the last seven have focused on the rapid growth of pre-paid chip and PIN, delivering innovative solutions for easyJet, Park Group PLC, FairFX PLC and numerous others. Ken’s operational knowledge is leveraged widely across the business. His input is used during both the pre-launch and the post launch phases of programme management to ensure that all PCT projects are designed to be compliant from the outset. Ken holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree BEng (Hons) from the University of Bristol.


David Sargent – Manager Funding & Settlement

Over 30 years’ experience in the payments industry with Standard Chartered Bank, Union Bank Of Switzerland, Abbey National and Citibank, covering the areas of Trade Finance, FX and Money Markets, OTC / equity derivatives and the Secondary Loans Market. Working with PCT for the past 3 years has enabled David to use his experience to develop and implement industry-leading Funding and Settlement processes. David is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers (ACIB).

Phil Cooper – Development Manager

An accomplished IT professional with many years’ experience in software development, team leading, client liaison and project management, with an excellent track record of delivering of high quality software projects. Complete lifecycle experience including analysis, design, planning, implementation and support in the financial services, payment cards, commodity trading and logistics. Phil has a MA, Natural Sciences from Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge.


Chris Little – General Manager IT Services

Chris is an all-round IT professional with over 15 years of experience within the financial services industry. Formerly at BancTec Ltd, Chris was responsible for delivering over $50M revenue into the organization and successfully ran the Mortgage Software Division of the business following BancTec’s acquisition of SDS Applications. Chris has since formed 2 other ventures, BEP Systems and iState Systems Ltd – a financial services consultancy and mobile application development business respectively. Chris now heads up PCT Support Services and is responsible for the strategic direction of both IT and Marketing for the PCT operation. Chris holds an MSC in Mathematics and Statistics from Newcastle University (Hons).

Jashi McPhilemy – Fraud & Customer Service Manager

Prior to joining PCT, Jashi had over 20 years of experience at HSBC in dealing with Fraud detection, Customer Service Management and merchant acquiring risk-management. At PCT, she leads the Fraud and Customer Services Teams with a logical but risk-aware method; ensuring all members of the teams understand both the risks involved in cardholder fraud, but also how the fraud occurs – beyond our mere sight and grasp in-office. Whether her day involved identifying irregular spending/loading patterns, defining new and evolving transaction monitoring rules, or mitigating reputational risk, all programme cases are thoroughly resolved and ensure the principles of TCF are adhered to and obligations from Issuer to Acquirer are achieved. Accredited Fraud and Credit Technician (desk top investigator).